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Take in the spectacular views when you travel with this powerful pair of binoculars from XINDAO (Holland). It has 10x60 magnification with blue lenses and fits into its own nylon pouch along with a user manual and a cleaning cloth. A sleek rubber finish in black with silver details, it makes for an elegant and useful gift for travellers.

Emergency Car Light

Safe is better than sorry. That's why this emergency car light is a must-have for every driver. Fitted with a swivelling head for sharper focus, magnetic support, clip and a 3 meter-long rewinding power cord, this precautionary gadget flashes light continuously or throws light continuously when plugged in. Keep it in your car and be prepared for emergencies.

Spare Air

The next time your tyres run out of air, don't panic if there's no petrol pump in sight. Just keep this tyre inflator in your car at all times and you can pump in the air whenever and wherever you like. Powered by an in-car 12V plug with a 3 metre power cord, which fits into the cigarette lighter socket, it also comes with a sport nozzle and bike adaptor.

Adventure Mug

Heading for a trek, camp or picnic? Don't forget to take this mug from XINDAO (Holland) along! Made from stainless steel with a sleek polished finish and a lid, it comes with a carabiner that you can attach to your bag or your belt. It is food safe, has a capacity of 200ml and comes packed in a white corrugated box along with its user manual.

Business Pleasure

XINDAO (Holland) mixes business and pleasure with this smart travel set that's a joy to use. Made from protective padded rich microfiber material with a stylish grey suede pattern, it has six compartments. It comes with a steel hook so that you can easily suspend this and store your toiletries within, when out of home. Thoughtfully designed for air travel, it comes with a weighing scale that can measure up to 35 kilos, so that you don't exceed the weight limit. A measuring tape, combination lock, luggage tag and foldable laundry bag make this kit a delight to travel with.


At a glance, the dyno torch may come across as an ordinary emergency light, but there is a lot more to this nifty device. It comes with an alarm light with 5 LED lights and the magnetic ability to be attached to a car or any other place to send out an emergency warning. The Criti-light also has the ability to save your life with its emergency glass hammer and seat belt cutter.